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World Industrial and Commercial Organizations Forum

  1.       Welcome Banquet

  Time: 18:30-20:00,  October 29

  Venue: Beijing Hotel   Banquet Hall (18th Floor), Building A

  Host: Xu Kuangdi   Vice Chairman, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference;

  Chairman, China Academy of Engineering; CFIE Chairman

     Addresser:         Zeng Peiyan  Member of the Political Bureau, CPC Central Committee,

   Vice Premier of State Council

   Attendants: 110 persons (from organizing, supporting and directing units; important guests,

  chairmen of CFIE Presidium, influential big enterprises)

  2.       Opening Ceremony

  Time: 09:00-09:30,   October 30

  Venue: Beijing Hotel   Banquet Hall (1st Floor), Building C

  Chair:   Xu Kuangdi   Vice Chairman, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference;

  Chairman, China Academy of Engineering; CFIE Chairman

   Addressers:  Gu Xiulian  Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC

  Honorary Chairman of CFIE

  Kim Hak-Su  Under Secretary General of the United Nations

   Executive Secretary of UNESCAP

  3.       Plenary Session

  Time: 09:30-11:30,  October 30

  Venue: Beijing Hotel   Banquet Hall (1st Floor) of Building C

  Chair: Fu Chengyu  Executive Chairman of CFIE Presidium; CEO of CNOOC


   9:30-9:50    Xu Kuangdi   Vice Chairman of CCPCC  CFIE Chairman

  Chairman, China Academy of Engineering;

   9:50-10:05   Dmitri Piscounov  Managing Director, United Nations Industrial

  Development Organization

  10:05-10:20  Ma Kai  Chairman, State Development and Reform Commission       

  10:20-10:45  Robert A. MUNDELL  Nobel Laureate, Professor of Economics,

  Columbia University

  10:45-11:05  Dai Xianglong  Mayor of Tianjin

  11:05-11:10  Rita Hayes  Deputy Director General, World Interllectual

  Proporty Organization

  11:10-11:20  Xia Deren   Mayor of Dalian City

  11:20-11:30  Lu Hao     Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality

  4.        Lunch

  Time:  12:30-14:00

  Venue  Great Hall of People

  Golden Hall (3nd Floor)

  5.       Panel Session 1

  Time:  14:30-17:40,   October 30, 2006

  Venue: Beijing Hotel

   Conference Hall, Building A (18th Floor)

  Theme: Development of Binhai,  Cooperation of Enterprises

   Pat One  14:30-16:30

  Chair:  Mr. Wang Qinping   CFIE Senior Vice Chairman

  14:30-15:00   Dai Xianglong     Mayor of Tianjin Municipality

  15:00-15:20   Sujit Chowdhury   Secretary-General, World Trade Forum

  15:20-15:40   Chen Qingxuan    Deputy Director General, Regional Economy Department,

   State Development and Reform Commission

  15:40-16:00   Zhao Qingsheng    Vice President, China Ocean Shipping and Containers

  Group Corporation Ltd

  16:00-16:15   Questions and Answers


   Part Two   16:30-17:40

  Chair:  Mr. Pi Qiansheng   Standing Member of Tianjin Party Committee; Director of Administration Committee, New Region of Tianjin Seashore

  16:30-16:50  Jorn Dalsgaard Pedersen  Denmark Vestas Wind Turbine Equipment

   (China) Co., Ltd.

  16:50-17:10   Li Boxi         Research Fellow, Development and Research Center of

  State Council

  17:10-17:30   He Liming      Vice Chairman, China Federation of Logistics and Procurement

  17:30-17:40   Questions and Answers

  6.       Panel Session 2

  Time:   14:30-17:55,  October 30, 2006

  Venue:  Beijing Hotel

   Banquet Hall, Building A (18th Floor)

  Theme:  Sustainable Development of World Industry

   Part One  14:30-16:00

  Chair: Mr. Xu Penghang   Senior Vice Chairman of China Federation of

   Industrial Economics (CFIE)

  14:30-14:45    Xu Binshi      Academician, China Academy of Engineering

  14:45-15:00    Frank-Jurgen Richter,  President of Horasis, The Global Visions Community           

  15:00-15:15    Shang Yong    Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology

  15:15-15:30    Shao Ning     Vice Chairman, State Assets Supervision and Management

   Commission of State Council

  15:30-15:45    Jean-Christophe Iseux  Professor,  Oxford University

  15:45-16:00    Zhang Jianhua  Senior Vice PresidentChina Petro-Chemical

  Corporation Ltd  

  16:00-16:15         Break

   Part Two   16:15-17:45

  Chair:  Mr. Wu Hequan  Vice Chairman of China Academy of Engineering

  16:15-16:30   David Reilly     GM Group Vice President,  President,GM Asia Pacific

  16:30-16:45   Zhu Yanfeng    CEO of First Automobile Works

  16:45-17:00  Yoshimi Inaba  Executive Vice President , Tokyo Motor Corporation

  17:00-17:15  Xu Lejiang      Chief Executive Officer,  Bao Steel Corporation

  17:15-17:30  Niu Wen Yuan    Leader of Sustainable Development Strategy Research Group,

  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

  17:30-17:45  Wang Yufu     Chairman, Daqing Oilfield Corporation

  7.       Dinner

  Time:  18:00-19:30

  Venue: Beijing Hotel

   Sunshine Cafe, Building A

  8.       Panel Session 1 (Continued)

  Time:   9:00-12:00,   October 31, 2006

  Venue:  Beijing Hotel

   Conference Hall (18th Floor) of Building A

  Theme:  Development of Binhai,  Cooperation of Enterprises

   Part One  9:00-10:20

  Chair:  Mr. Zhang Zhigang, Ex-Vice Minister, Ministry of Commerce;

  CFIE Senior Vice Chairman

  9:00-9:15  Chen Qingtai   Ex-Chairman, Development and Research Center of State Council

  9:15-9:30  Stephen Perry   Chairman,  British 48 Group of Club

  9:30-9:40  Guan Tongxian  President, Shanghai Zhenghua Port Machine Group Company Ltd

  9:40-9:50  Dominique de Boisseson     Chairman & CEO, Alcatel ChinaInvestment Co. Ltd.

  9:50-10:00   Guo Wei   Chairman, Digital China Ltd

  10:00-10:10  Myron Brilliant  Vice PresidentU.S. Chamber of Commerc

  10:10-10:20  Yang Hua     Executive Vice President of CNOOC

  10:20-10:30  Break

    Part Two   10:30-12:00

  Chair: Mr. Ji Mingbo, Ex-Vice Chairman, All China Trade Union;

  CFIE Senior Vice Chairman

  10:30-10:45   Xu Bingjin   Vice Chairman, China WTO Research Council

  10:45-11:00   Phillip W. Byrd  Director General of the American Importers Association

  11:00-11:15   Zhang Zhuoyuan  Economist

  11:15-11:30   Thomas Gilles  Partner, German Baker & McKenzie LLP

  11:30-11:45   Chen Jiangang   Vice President, Ormosia Group

  11:45-12:00   Martin Poste   Ex- Chairman, Volkswagen - China

  9.       Panel Session 3

  Time:   9:00-12:00,  October 31, 2006

  Venue:  Beijing Hotel

  Banquet Hall (18th Floor), Building A

  Theme:  Development of Industrial and Commercial Organizations

   Part One   9:00-10:30

  Chair: Mr. Gu Jiaqi  Ex-Executive Vice Chairman,

  Establishment Office of Central Government;

  CFIE Senior Vice Chairman

  9:00-9:15   Ou Xinqian   Vice Chairman, State Development and Reform Commission

  9:15-9:30   Emory Williams   Chairman, American Chamber of Commerce in China

  9:30-9:45   Chen Lantong  Executive Vice Chairman, China Federation of Enterprises

  9:45-10:00  Martine Sanz  President of AEDHE (Businessmen Association of

  Alcala de Henares)

  10:00-10:15  David T.C. Lie   Chairman, Chairman of the China Committee of the Hong Kong

  General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC)

  10:15-10:30   Break

  Pat Two  10:30-11:45

  Chair: Mr. Zheng Xinli, Vice Chairman, Policy Research Office of

  Central Government;  CFIE Senior Vice Chairman

  10:30-10:45   Terrance Barkan   Founder and CEO, Association Global Services         

  10:45-11:00   Luo Bingsheng   Executive Vice Chairman, China Association of Iron and

  Steel Industry

  11:00-11:15   André CHIENG   Vice-Président du Comité France-Chine

  11:15-11:30   Jonathan Koon Shum Choi  Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese General

  Chamber of Commerce

  11:30-11:45   Asadollah  Asgarolad   Chairman, Iran-China Chamber of Commerce

  10.   Lunch

  Time:  12:00-13:30

  Venue: Beijing Hotel

   Sunshine Cafe, Building A

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