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Brief Introduction to Shenyang Summit

  Following the success of Hamburg Summit held in Hamburg, Germany last year, in order to better implement the strategic guideline of Rejuvenating the North-East Old Industrial Bases proposed by the central committee, CFIE made the decision to held the Second Session of Summit in Shenyang. This year’s Shenyang Summit will be organized by Shenyang Municipal Government and Teltschik Associates, a Germany company.

  Shenyang Summit is a top-level economic event bringing together leaders from all world regions for dialogue and discussion of topics of mutual interests. The Summit will address the opportunities and challenges, which are appearing as China emerges as a new political and economic power. What can we learn from China’s transformation into a market economy? What role does corporate governance have to play? What are the comparative/competitive advantages of the different regions? How can global leaders utilize the new opportunities? Those are the core questions the Summit will address. Hence, the guiding theme of the Shenyang Summit is: Engaging in Opportunities!

  Shenyang Summit will be held on September 14-16, 2005. Hosted by the Mayor of Shenyang, the Summit will officially start with a reception and dinner. The program consists of keynotes, expert panels and interactive sessions. Some prestigious awards will be granted during the summit.

  Some celebrities will support this summit as members of the advisory board including Prof. Xu Kuangdi, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (former Mayor of Shanghai), President of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chairman of CFIE, Prof. Robert Mundell, Columbia University and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of Gernmany and Fred Hu, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Asia, Hong Kong SAR and so on.

  Shenyang Summit is committed to become a leading platform for corporate and other leaders of society dedicated to promote sustainable and healthy economic, political and social transformation. In this way, Shenyang Summit is a preferred catalyst for the successful development of Shenyang and North-east China.

  Source:international department Time:2005-05-25

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