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Brief Introduction to China Federation of Industrial Economics

 China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) is a national social economic organization, approved by the State Council and registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

China Federation of Industrial Economics was established in 1988. In 2011, the 5th CFIE Executive Council witnessed the election of Mr. Li Yizhong, former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Vice Chairman of the Economic Committee of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, as CFIE’s new Chairman. Madam Gu Xiulian and Prof. Xu Kuangdi sit as Honorary Chairpersons. Currently, CFIE has 99 advisors, 185 directors, 5 Executive Vice-Chairmen and 16 Vice-Chairmen, 61 members of the Presidium.  

As China’s largest federation of industrial associations, CFIE builds its institution upon national industrial associations, provincial and municipal associations, as well as leading industrial enterprises while involving members from scientific and research institutes, government officials and renowned figures in the industrial economic sector. By now, CFIE has in total 180 industrial association members, 105 enterprise members as well as 38 local industrial economic federation members.

The main task of the CFIE is to actively advance China’s industrial modernization. Mainly, our obligations are to drive and promote the reform of industrial governance system and technological innovation in industrial enterprises; to offer suggestions for the government’s decision making based on survey and research; to actively and conscientiously carry out tasks concerning appraisal of China Industrial Grand Prize, Brand Strategy, restructuring of industrial associations, and social responsibility of industrial enterprises and associations, etc.; to unswervingly strengthen exchange and cooperation with industrial and business organizations of various countries and regions across the world; and to integrate all resources and, by means of various channels and platforms, in order to provide better services for its members.

CFIE adopted the presidium system in April 2002, in a move to explore the reform and development of industrial organizations under the socialist market economy, to build CFIE into an industrial association truly representing enterprises’ interests, and to strengthen the relationship with its counterparts all over the world. The presidium is the decision-making body, attending to major events while the Executive Council is in recess. The presidium currently has 61 members, with CFIE Chairman as one Executive President and two entrepreneur members as other two Executive Presidents. Current Executive Presidents are Chairman Li Yizhong, and Mr. Ning Gaoning, Chairman of the COFCO as well as Mr. Zhu Jimin, Chairman of Shougang Group.

CFIE has a structure of “10 Departments and 1 Office”, including: General Management Office, Department of Economic Groups, Department of Industrial Innovation, Department of Survey and Research, Department of Fair Trade, Department of International Relations, Department of Information, Department of Laws and Regulations, Department of Education and Training, Department of Sustainable Industrial Development and Department of Logistics Support. Also, under CFIE are other 2 component entities, China Industrial Economic Management Institute and China Industry News.  

CFIE conducts friendly and sincere cooperation with international organizations, industrial & business associations, multi-national corporations and celebrities. In the light of a whole new concept of accommodating to the development trend, accurate self-positioning, adjusting function and providing innovative services, we spare no efforts in building CFIE into a ‘learning, innovative, practical and harmonious’ social group that could rank in the forefront of international organizations of its kind. 

For further information and cooperation, please contact:

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China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE)

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