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Liu Hongru Meets with CEO of Recipco

On 9th Jan, Mr. Liu Hongru, Deputy Secretary General of CFIE met with CEO of Recipco Capacity Exchange Ltd., Mr. James Fierro and discussed matters concerning future cooperation.

Mr. Fierro introduced Recipco’s resource exchange platform and how to facilitate the transaction on this platform more effectively without traditional financial support and cash transaction. By doing so, Recipco can help enterprises to gain more benefit by mobilizing idle productivity and resources. This transaction platform has been recognized by English and Saudi Arabian markets and is already in business operation. It is supported and joined by many transnational enterprises. Recipco plans to establish its global operational headquarter in Beijing. Therefore, Mr. Fierro hopes to cooperate with CFIE and popularize this platform.

Mr. Liu Hongru introduced CFIE’s history, main business and international cooperation platform. He thinks setting the global operational headquarter in China is very timely, and will help Chinese enterprises to overcome the difficulty in financing and transform idle productivity into economic resources. China is willing to bring mid- and small-sized enterprises into this platform. CFIE will help Recipco to enter Chinese market. The two parties will carry out further discussion about the cooperation.

Director General of the International Department Wang Guangju and staff responsible for the European and American Affairs attend the meeting

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