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Xiong Meng meets CEO of Horasis Mr. Frank-Jurgen Richter

On 24 Mar, Mr. Xiong Meng, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CFIE met with Mr. Frank-J?rgen Richter, CEO of Horasis.

Mr. Xiong welcomed the visit of Mr. Richter. He pointed out that through mutual effort, the Global China Business Meeting co-organized by Horasis and CFIE has become an influential international communication platform in the past decade. The two sides should improve cooperation and explore new models. In the future, we should build a long-lasting communication channel, a database of enterprises and business projects, and a service platform, in order to better help Chinese and foreign enterprises to go global.

Mr. Richter expressed his gratitude to CFIE for its effort and contribution in successfully organizing the Global China Business Meeting. He discussed with Mr. Xiong about the basic demands of China’s private enterprises like 阿里巴巴 and SOEs like Sinopec in their future development, about the slowing-down of China’s economic growth rate, and about the priorities of CFIE’s development.

Mr. Xiong said that CFIE is expected to grow into a top international organization of widespread influence and popularity. There are three major tasks: first, establishing a new type of think tank to make suggestions for the government; secondly, promoting industrial collaboration by making use of CFIE’s comprehensive advantages; thirdly, strengthening international cooperation. The new think tank will apply internet thinking and a flat structure with no hierarchy. In this way, we can attract talents from all walks of life to make their contribution. Mr. Xiong hopes Horasis to participate in this process and exert its own advantages.

Mr. Richter said that Horasis is willing to take part and will strengthen the cooperation with CFIE from different levels, perspectives and scopes.

The two sides also discussed the 11th Global China Business Meeting to be held in Cascais, Portugal. They also exchanged views on the cooperation projects in 2016.

Mr. Xiong Meng meets CEO of Horasis Mr. Frank-J?rgen Richter

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