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Xiong Meng meets CEO of NCH Mr. Jan Siemons

On 31 Mar, Mr. Xiong Meng, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CFIE met with Mr. Jan Siemons, CEO of Nederlands Centrum voor Handelsbevordering (NCH) and Ms. Yao Qin, NCH Chief Delegate to China.

NCH is CFIE’s cooperation partner. The two sides co-organized the 9th Global China Business Meeting in Hague in November of 2011. Last year, we signed a cooperation memorandum on the 10th Global China Business Meeting.

Mr. Siemons visit China with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. He hopes to promote the cooperation between the two countries. Netherland is the second largest trading partner of China in the EU. Its unique geographic position makes it an important gateway to the European market. Therefore, NCH decides to set a China Office to facilitate the two-way exchange of China and Netherland enterprises. Mr. Siemons hopes that the China Office of NHC can keep close contact with CFIE and enhance cooperation.

More and more Chinese enterprises do business and invest in the Europe and European enterprises also need to invest abroad. Since Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Netherland in last April, the economic and commercial relationship between the two countries has been increasing. Mr. Siemons hopes that NHC can enhance the cooperation with CFIE to provide Chinese enterprises with more opportunities in investment, real estate, technology and education.

Netherland has always been an important logistics center in Europe because of the Rotterdam port and Schiphol Airport. Netherland have advantages in talents, education, logistics, tax, operation cost and R&D capacity. NHC has many member enterprises and 35 regional commercial committees, including China Business Council. All committees are managed by experienced practitioners with first-hand experiences in trade and investment. Besides, NHC maintain close contact with major science and technology parks to follow the latest technological development. Based on these resources, Mr. Siemons hopes to carry out practical cooperation with CFIE delegation on this year’s Global China Business Meeting and Milan World Expo.

Mr. Xiong welcomes the visit of Mr. Siemons. He thinks that CFIE’s friendly exchanges with NHC is important to our two countries’ economic and trade cooperation.

Mr. Xiong introduces CFIE’s unique advantages as an organization of industrial federations. CFIE members include industrial associations, regional federations of industrial economics, industrial enterprises, SOEs and private enterprises. CFIE has three goals in its development. First, a new type of think tank. We will attract talents and facilitate the connectivity of information, so as to offer suggestions for government decision-making, regional prosperity, industrial development and corporate management. Secondly, industrial collaboration. We will embrace the strategy of Made in China 2025 to exert CFIE’s comprehensive advantages and promote the collaborative development of upstream-downstream enterprises and different industries. Thirdly, international cooperation. What Chinese investors willing to doing business in Europe need most is suitable investment projects. CFIE will establish a broad connection network with industrial federations of other countries and project database to help bridging the connection between domestic and foreign enterprises. Besides, CFIE will give advice to the construction of industrial parks in terms of overall planning, policy-making and fund-raising. CFIE is willing to carry out sincere cooperation with NHC.

Mr. Siemons appreciates CFIE’s development plan and is willing to participate in CFIE’s proposal and cooperative projects. He suggests the two sides join hands to build exchange centers to share trade and investment information, in order to facilitate the interaction and exchanges between Chinese and Netherland enterprises, and European enterprises at large. Netherland’s advantageous geographic position can be an important resource for China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

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