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Lu Yaohua Meets Industrial Development Officer of UNIDO in China

On 7 Apr, Mr. Lu Yaohua, Executive Vice Chairman of CFIE, met Mr. Adegboyega Adjani, Industrial Development Officer of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in China. They discussed matters concerning the 2nd Chinese Industrial Corporations Sustainability Transition Assessment and Rating (2015) and the release of CICS-STARS (Chinese Industrial Corporations Sustainability Transition Assessment and Rating System) list.

Mr. Lu thanked UNIDO for the support of CFIE’s job. The two sides co-organized the 4th World Industrial and Commercial Organizations Forum(WICO) and the 1st Chinese Industrial Corporation Sustainability Transition Assessment and Rating (2014). The two parties have common aspiration for corporate social responsibility(CSR) and can organize assessment groups of CSR experts together. He suggests that the two sides sign cooperation agreements on fields of common interest and lay a good foundation for in-depth, multi-field, long-term and practical cooperation.

CFIE uses the China Industrial Composite Index to monitor the operation of China’s industrial economy. Therefore, the two parties can combine their resources and carry out cooperation in collecting, analyzing and assessing data. CFIE welcomes UNIDO to take part in the work and invites Mr. Adjani and other officials from the UNIDO to attend this year’s Chinese Industrial Corporations Sustainability Transition Assessment and Rating.

Mr. Xiong introduces the leadership, function, members and its international cooperation platforms of CFIE and the plan to build a new type of think-tank, promote industrial collaboration and push forward the One Belt One Road initiative.

Mr. Adjani introduces the function of UNIDO and its cooperative projects in China. He thanked CFIE for inviting him and his colleagues to attend the Chinese Industrial Corporations Sustainability Transition Assessment and Rating. Corporate social responsibility is also a focus in the work of UNIDO, who is cooperating with Chinese provincial government to carry out projects so as to promote corporate social responsibility, effectively utilize energy and resources and upgrade technology. The two parties can cooperate in corporate social responsibility assessment, expert exchanges and corporate compliance. UNIDO welcomes CFIE to participate in its work in China. He appreciates Mr. Xiong’s suggestion to sign cooperation agreements and will report it to the UNIDO headquarters. UNIDO is willing to cooperate with CFIE in information exchanges, data-collection and expert resources. Now UNIDO is negotiating with relevant parties on the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals. New goals will contain the themes of industrialization and sustainable development. We will grow the economy while protecting the environment and using resources in an more efficient way. UNIDO will enhance the competitiveness through technology. As China also aims to realize “clean production” and “green economy”, these two themes give a clear direction for our cooperation. Mr. Adjani hopes that the two sides can strengthen relationship and deepen cooperation.

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