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Xiong Meng Meets President of American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of San Marino

On 17 Apr, Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Xiong Meng met President of American-Russian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Sergei Millian, and the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of San Marino Mr. Aleksev. They discussed ways to enhance relations, promote member enterprises to invest and cooperate more smoothly, and explore potential cooperative projects.

Mr. Xiong introduced CFIE’s leadership, functions, members and international cooperation platforms, as well as the plan to build a new type of think-tank, promotes industrial collaboration and push forward the One Belt One Road initiative. CFIE is willing to strengthen the relationship with other country’s industrial and commercial organizations, and explore the possibility with industrial federation and cooperation. China and Russia are friendly neighbors. The two national governments are committed to enhancing the industrial cooperation and encouraging more industrial and commercial organizations to invest abroad. During the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in 2014, CFIE signed the Cooperation Memorandum with All Russian Public Organization(Business Russia). More and more Chinese enterprises have global vision now, and they are more willing than ever to participate in international cooperative projects. Mr. Xiong hopes that China and Russia can strengthen cooperation, complement each other’s disadvantages and share resources. He suggests building a business project database so that member enterprises in the two countries can follow the latest cooperation projects. He invites Mr. Sergei Millian and Mr. Aleksev to attend the 5th World Industrial and Commercial Organizations (WICO) Forum that will be held this November. They also discussed the feasibility of co-organizing the Global China Business Meeting.

Mr. Milian introduced his visit to China and some basic information of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce. He thanked Mr. Xiong’s suggestion in promoting our two countries’ cooperation. The two main tasks of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce include: first, enhancing the industrial and commercial cooperation with China and building a platform to exchange views, policies and projects; second, enhancing the regional cooperation to provide enterprises with opportunities so that they can do business in China, Russia or America. The two sides both want to have more cooperation in organizing forums, projects, financing, investment, advanced technology, gas and oil exploitation and production, industrial parks and regional cooperation.

Mr. Aleksev introduced the location, economic status, international projects and investment environment of San Marino. He denotes that international economy cannot live without sound political environment. The Russian President Vladimir Putin is creating a beneficial environment for the industrial and commercial community and working to build a cooperation mechanism for industrial and commercial federations. San Marino welcomes the investment and projects from China. Since its economy is rising in the past 5 years, San Marino hopes to attract more cooperation projects. It is willing to help Chinese enterprises which will help San Marino to develop its economy, and those who want to invest in Russia or Europe by making use of San Marino’s unique resources. He also suggests exploring ways to carry out multi-party cooperation of China, Russia and San Marino.


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