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Xiong Meng Meets Founder and CEO of China-Israel Synergy

On June 2nd , 2015, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary General Mr. Xiong Meng met Founder and CEO of China-Israel Synergy (CIS) Mr. Amir Yaar. The two parties talked about the OBOR projects of CFIE, communications between Chinese and Israeli enterprises and potential technology cooperation between the two parties. Mr. Liu Hongru, Deputy Secretary General of CFIE and Mrs. Yan Jun, Deputy Director General of International Department and Mr. Steve YU, Project Manager of International Department, attended the meeting.

Mr. Yaar firstly introduced CIS’s history of efforts in facilitating reciprocal cooperation between Israeli technology companies and Chinese industrial enterprises. He shared the future plans of CIS and his opinions about China-Israel cooperation.
He was glad that last November a CFIE delegation took a business visit to Israel under CIS’ invitation and met Mr. Eugene Kandel, Head of the National Economic Council of Israel and Chairman of Israel-China Task Force, as well as representatives from Israeli technology companies. The visit improved Israel’s understanding about CFIE and Chinese market. CIS would introduce more advanced technologies into Chinese market to help China realize green growth and improve people’s livelihood.

He especially briefed on the advanced Israeli technologies in health care, biological agents, energy conservation, environmental protection, food safety and modern agriculture as well as the future applications of these technologies. He believed that it was the right time to commercialize these technologies and he hoped that CIS could work with CFIE to popularize the technologies and select proper Chinese manufacturers. The action would also help to upgrade and transform China’s industries. He would provide related information to CFIE and hoped that CFIE could share its opinions and advice as well. Mr. Yaar invited more CFIE delegations to Israel for business visits.

Mr. Xiong expressed his gratitude to Mr. Yarr for his introduction and agreed on the suggestion of cooperation. He believed that as the mutual understanding between Chinese and Israeli enterprises was strengthened, the two parties should take this opportunity to promote practical cooperation. The two parties should set about developing some promising projects and lend the experience of these successful examples to other projects so as to expand the influence and scope of the cooperation. He said that the issuance of Made in China 2025 aimed to turn China from a big manufacturer to a powerful one. Israel’s advanced technologies could help Chinese companies become more creative, well-formed, beneficial and environmentally friendly.

He also talked about CFIE’s plans and efforts in promoting OBOR and welcomed the participation of Israeli companies including the CIS. Mr. Xiong also elaborated on CFIE’s five-dimensional working mode of “think tank + alliance + expo + fund + industrial parks” and came up with two proposals: First, two parties could sign an agreement on strengthening cooperation; second, two parties should build information platforms to popularize technologies and match projects through forums and business meeting held by the two parties.

The two parties agreed to keep in close contact for more specific cooperation.

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