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Xiong Meng Meets CICK Vice Chairman Mr. Yerenov Ayan

On May 21st 2015, CFIE business delegation visited Chamber of International Cooperation of Kazakhstan(CICK) in Astana during the VIII Astana Economic Forum., and Mr. Xiong Meng, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of CFIE met Mr. Yerenov Ayan, Vice Chairman of CICK, and the two sides talked about future cooperation areas.

Mr. Yerenov Ayan welcomed the arrival of CFIE delegation to Astana. He briefed on the history and responsibilities of CICK and notified the unique advantages CICK:CICK could help foreign enterprises enter the market of KZ, Russia and Belarus as the three countries had already established a custom union. He said that China had always been an important partner of KZ and the bilateral trading volume between the two countries kept increasing. KZ warmly welcomed investment from China, especially that to infrastructure sector. CICK could provide platforms and resources to help China enter Central Asian markets since CICK maintained partnership with various Central Asian industry associations. He said that CICK was preparing for Asia-Europe Trade and Investment Forum which would be held in this November. CICK was planning to invite enterprises from China, Belarus, Russia and Europe. CICK aimed to develop the forum into the largest expo in KZ and would like to discuss further details with CFIE.

Mr. Xiong expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ayan for his suggestion of cooperation. He briefed on CFIE’s unique resource advantage and elaborated CFIE’s work regarding the One Belt and One Road initiative and its ongoing efforts in promoting the development of Silk Road Economic Belt. He said that the MOU signed between the two organizations was a good start. He hoped that the two sides could timely exchange information about collaborative projects and realize cooperation between the two associations and their members as soon as possible. To this regard, Mr. Xiong raised three proposals: 1) inviting Mr. Ayan and CICK delegation to the Fifth World Industrial and Commercial Organizations(WICO) forum; 2) joining hands with CICK and related Central Asian national business organizations to build an international and multilateral cooperation mechanism; 3) setting up a regular communication mechanism.

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