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The Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance(BRICA)

The Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance (BRICA) is a multilateral cooperation mechanism envisioned and initiated by CFIE to unite leading industrial and commercial organizations worldwide for the common prosperity along the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Brief Overview:

With over two decades of cooperation experience with international partners, CFIE noticed that information asymmetry has continued to be a major roadblock for world economic growth. We share a constant desire with our domestic and international partners for an interactive and effective multilateral communication and cooperative mechanism among major industrial and commercial organizations worldwide that could help to better leverage our collective expertise, resources and networks to promote common prosperity.

In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” grand initiative (known as the “Belt & Road” Initiative) which is later elaborated by the Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road released in 2015.

The CFIE leadership perceives the Belt and Road Initative as a perfect chance to realize the long-cherished wish to construct a multilateral mechanism and thus take the initiative to prepare for the establishment of a platform called BRICA which has gained support from both the government and the business community.
The Nature of BRICA
BRICA shall be a voluntary international business alliance with no political objectives attached.


Targeted Members
BRICA aims to include as many industrial and commercial orgnanizations as possible along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” while at the same time welcomes business organizations from non-Belt-and-Road countries willing to get involved with their products, capital, techonlogies or expertise.
How would Members Benefit?
Members would mainly benefit from on-line and off-line information exchange and business communication within a multilateral framework. We plan to construct an on-line information exchange platform where BRICA members could upload business information and potential business projects that awaits cooperation or investments while searching for similar information and projects provided by members from other countries. Meanwhile, members could keep constant contact of each other for business delegations visits, seminars, and match-making events at either bilateral or multilateral level while providing mutual business assistance.

CFIE cordially invites organizations worldwide to join us in this effort.

More information could be find in the BRICA Articles below.

The Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance

(Draft II)
(July 2, 2015)

Chapter I
General Articles

Article 1 Name

This organization shall be known as the “Belt & Road Industrial and Commercial Alliance”, which is abbreviated as “BRICA” (hereinafter referred to as “the Alliance”).

Article 2 Nature
The Alliance shall be a non-governmental and non-profit international organization.

Article 3 Missions
The Alliance shall follow the Silk Road Spirit of “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit” and cooperate with the renowned industrial and commercial organizations in countries and regions committed to the “Belt & Road Initiative” for the purpose of establishing a platform for information inter-connectivity and promoting the industrial investment and trade cooperation among the countries and regions along the routes. The Alliance shall accomplish the following missions:

(1)integrating the resources of members, leveraging collective advantages and establishing an interactive mechanism while focusing on key economic, trade and industrial parks in the major cities of the countries and regions along the routes for the purpose of establishing bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms and promoting multi-level industrial synergy and business cooperation through various channels;

(2)gathering information on economic policies, resources, industrial investment and trade cooperation, establishing an internet-based working platform and a database of potential cooperation projects for the purpose of promoting efficient sharing of information and effective match-making of cooperation projects, and advancing policy coordination, information intercommunication, financial integration and industrial synergy.

Chapter II
Scope of Business

Article 4 Scope of Business
The scope of the Alliance’s business shall be:
(1)conducting bilateral or multilateral economic and trade exchanges, such as mutual visits, studies, fairs and exhibitions;
(2)establishing a database of information on projects of industrial investment and trade cooperation and an online information service platform to realize information inter-connectivity among members;
(3)providing information on industrial synergy and trade cooperation as well as services of investment consulting, investment attraction and business match-making based on the established networks within the Alliance;
(4)organizing council meetings, annual meetings, forums and seminars, and solving problems in cooperation through negotiation;
(5)establishing a think-tank as the Alliance’s intellectual support to conduct project assessment, investment consulting and policy studies;
(6)conducting researches and studies and issuing the BRICA Annual Report.

Chapter III

The Alliance shall consist of a Council, a Secretariat, working committees, and a think-tank.

Article 5 The Council
The Council is the highest organ of power of the Alliance. The Council shall be composed of a Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Council members. If necessary, Council members may establish councils for their own countries or regions to enroll members and provide services.

Article 6 The Secretariat
The Secretariat is the executive organ of the Alliance and is responsible for day to day work of the Alliance. The Secretariat shall be headed by a Secretary-General and its office shall be set in Beijing, China.

Article 7 Working Committees
The Alliance may set up several working committees as may be necessary for policy coordination, financial services, legal affairs and business cooperation.

Article 8 Think-Tank
The think-tank shall provide intellectual support such as policy studies and project consulting for the Alliance.

Chapter IV

Article 9 Industrial and commercial organizations shall join the Alliance in the spirit of “openness, inclusiveness, voluntariness, negotiation, cooperation and win-win”. They shall perform their duties and be entitled to their rights. Members shall include council members, honorary council members and ordinary members.

(1)Council members shall include founding members and renowned industrial and commercial organizations who have applied to join after the establishment of the Alliance.
(2)Honorary council members shall be the individuals and organization representatives with important and substantial contributions to the establishment and development of the Alliance.
(3)Ordinary members shall be the organizations whose application has been approved, and pay the membership dues while being entitled to corresponding services.

Article 10 Admission
The applicants shall, in accordance with due procedures and upholding the Articles, submit written applications, which shall be approved by the Council or the Secretariat as authorized by the Council.

Chapter V

Article 11 The sources of funds shall include: membership dues (Council members shall be exempted), donation, government subsidies, services charges, interest and other legitimate income.

Article 12 The funds shall be used for fulfilling the Alliance’s missions and shall be used within the limits set by the Articles and its relevant detailed rules.

Chapter VI
Supplementary Articles

Article 13 The Articles shall take effect upon signing by the founding members of the Alliance.

Article 14 The Council may supplement or amend the Articles.

Article 15 The right to interpret the Articles shall remain with the Secretariat.

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