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Chairman Xu Kuangdi met with French delegation

  On April 5, Mr. Xu Kuangdi, Chairman of CFIE met the French delegation, which attended the Eleventh Sino-French Seminar in Beijing. Chairman Xu had a sincere talk with Mr. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, former French President. The two parts expressed their wishes to further strengthen the cooperation.

  Mr. Fu Chengyu, Executive Chairman of CFIE and General Manager of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Mr. Wei Jiafu, President of COSCO, Mr. Du Jinling, Vice Executive Chairman of CFIE, Mr. Wu Xichun, Chairman of China Iron & Steel Association and Mr. Zhao Xizheng, Board Chairman of China Electricity Council also attended this meeting.

  After the meeting, CFIE and MEDEF coheld the banquet. Chairman Xu Kuangdi, former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing and other 70 guests from Chinese and French associations and large-scale enterprises attended this banquet.

  In the speech, Chairman Xu said that in recent years Sino-French relations developed rapidly and great achievements have been made in the economic and trade cooperation. CFIE, the united organization for Chinese industry associations, is willing to join hands with French industrial groups to make great contributions to promoting the communication and development of Chinese and French enterprises.

  MEDEF is the first-established organization for enterprises on behalf of 700 thousand enterprises of various scales and industries. It plays an important role in French economy.


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