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The Hamburg Summit

  Industrial and commercial celebrities gathering in Hamburg and the First Sino-European Forum being convened
--Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan attended this forum and delivered a speech. Executive Chairman Wei Jiafu made a speech on behalf of CFIE Chairman Xu Kuangdi

  The first Sino-European Forum?amburg Summit, coheld by CFIE and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce was solemnly convened in Hamburg on November 25, 2004. Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier of the State Council of P.R.China, attended this summit and delivered a speech. Wei Jiafu, Executive Chairman of CFIE and President and CEO of COSCO made a speech, entrusted by Chairman Xu Kuangdi. Over 400 representatives from 12 countries and regions attended the Summit. Famous scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the world, including Robert A. Mundell, known as the father of the theory of optimum currency areas, had heated discussions about the hot topics in relation to China and Europe which have drawn worldwide attentions. Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Prime Minister? Office, Republic of Singapore communicated with the attendances by satellite.

  After introducing the current situations of Chinese economic development and the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan indicated this year from January to October, the trade value between China and German has reached $43.6 billion, with an increase of 30% over the last year? 50% increase rate and accounting for one third of the total Sino-European trade value. China and Europe have much common understanding in politics, different characteristics in culture and mutual complementarity in economy. Europe has become China? largest trading partner. They have a good momentum in economic and technological cooperation. Together with EU countries including German, China will make continuous efforts to promote the development of the Sino-European comprehensive strategic partnership relationship. Therefore, Vice Premier Zeng proposed four suggestions of continuously improving the efficiency of Sino-European trade, actively propelling the Sino-European technological cooperation, and further strengthening the Sino-European investment cooperation and greatly intensifying the Protection of Intellectual Property.

  During the summit, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan met CFIE delegates.

  Executive Chairman Wei Jiafu headed the CFIE 15-people VIP delegation to the summit. In his speech on behalf of Chairman Xu Kuangdi, he said China is the largest developing country in the world; Germanyhas the most powerful economy in Europe; the Sino-Germany economic cooperation plays an important role in the world enonomy. CFIE is the largest industrial organization in China. In recent years, CFIE has established stable coordinated relationships with many industrial organizations including Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In the Sino-Germany and Sino-European cooperation, CFIE is willing to continue to expand cooperation with Germany and European associations and organizations to make greater contribution.

  As Chinese largest shipping company, COSCO has maintained a closely cooperative relationships with lots of port cities, especially with Hamburg. In recent years, it handled cargoes of 1.3 billion standardized containers. At present, the two sides are exploring issues of expanding cooperation.

  On behalf of CFIE and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Executive Chairman Wei Jiafu presented the Special Contribution Award for Chinese and Germany Friendship to 86-year-old Schmidt, former Germany Chancellor. In his awarding speech, he highly appraised Schmidt as a distinguished politician who has made great contributions and done effective work for promoting Sino-Gemany and Sino-European relationships.

  Before the Summit, the First Mayor of Hamburg met with CFIE delegation and the tow sides had a warm and friendly talk.

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